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Self-Studying Korean: Year 1

May 20, 2011

Whoa! I can’t believe it has already been a year since I’ve started to study Korean. I’ll start this blog post by describing how I got into Korean.

I was on (being the crazed-anime fan I was), searching for a new anime to watch. I looked at the drama tab and clicked it because I was curious on what kind of dramas were available. In the end, I watched Coffee Prince and ended up falling in love with Korean culture.

Drama wasn’t my only interest, let’s not forget kpop! Super Junior and U-Kiss have really motivated me to learn Korean for various reasons 😉

I then started to utilize on sources to learn Korean such as TTMIK and Sogang (Just recently, actually). Before I knew it, Korean became a part of my daily routine, thoughts, and even actions. I have purchased some textbooks, so I hope to use those efficiently.

It feels like only five months have passed by… Unfortunately it feels like I haven’t learned much. Here are a few goals that I have for this year:

-Learn 500+ vocabulary words
-Learn 한굴 irregularities
-Review past notes
-Form sentences longer than 17 words.
-Study for at least 45 minutes every day
-Find more resources to learn Korean

Anyways, wish me luck !! I hope to study Korean for another year!

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