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Integrated Korean: Intermediate Series

May 29, 2011
My textbooks finally came in the mail a couple days ago (the ones I mentioned in an earlier post)!
I ordered the two intermediate books from the Integrated Korean series. I was satisfied with the first beginner book. Even so, it was not challenging, so I decided to get the intermediate ones. Being so, I was a little hesitant on studying from the intermediate series since I skipped one book in the series  — which proved to not be a problem 😉
So far, I have been studying lesson one of the INTERMEDIATE 1 book. The grammar explanations are great and are in detail. The books even include culture snippets which can be beneficial in providing a break from studying.There are also conversations in the beginning of each chapter to introduce new vocabulary and grammar. Not to mention, the audio files for these conversations and more are available at
The exercises (여슴) are a bit challenging – which brings me to the drawback of these books. I have skimmed through three of the books in the integrated series and none of them gave any sample answers  – nor were they online. It would have been really helpful to see some sample answers to reinforce new grammar/sentence structures.
In the end
I totally recommend these books. They offer an alternative resource outside of class that can teach and solidify previously learned material. I found that studying the vocabulary in each chapter really helped me understand external Korean material. I ordered these textbooks from Amazon.
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