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Korean Classes

May 31, 2011

Sorry for the random post! >-<;;;

Ever since I have studied Korean, I have been searching endlessly for Korean classes. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any form Korean class. The area where I live does have a Korean community, but it’s far away and I’ve heard (by my Korean friend), that their classes are not accustomed to teach anything past my level of Korean.

Being so, after studying Korean for a year now, I haven’t formed any type of structure or objectives (which is probably why I fail at Korean ^^;;;).

South Korean students take their College Scholastic Ability Test at a school on November 13, 2008 in Seoul, South Korea. More than 580,000 high school seniors and graduates sit for the examinations at 996 test centers across the country. Success in the exam only will enable the students to apply to study in Korea's top universities.

As for now
I’ll have to continue to self-study and hope for the best 😀

If anyone has taken a Korean course, how was your experience? Did you learn a lot? Was the overall class beneficial?

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