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Lang-8 Review

June 3, 2011

This post will be covering the amazingwebsite, Lang-8 😀

I have been a member with Lang-8 since December 2010. I haven’t participated much because of school exams, but I’m starting to log back on.
In Lang-8, you create a post without any prompts (so it’s like a journal), in any languages you are currently studying. Because Lang-8 has such a great community, your posts will get corrected by native/fluent speakers with correction tools provided on the site. In return, you correct other journals from users writing in your native/fluent language. The system extremely simple, yet efficient.
Believe it or not, I learn a lot from the corrections I get from people on the website. I’m not afraid to make grammatical mistakes because I’ll end up learning learning the correct form or even an alternative usage. I even ask questions in some of my entries, and get answers immediately!
Here’s my journal 😉
The Downside
I see to Lang-8 is that somewhat fluency is required in order to write entries  – but that isn’t their fault of course 😉
In short
I definitely reccomend checking Lang-8 out. They offer many languages and a great community as well! I learned a lot through this website, so it might be of some benefit to you as well. Luckily if your not content with the service, you can always delete your account ^^;;;
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