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Startalk Program: Orientation

June 3, 2011

Today I attended the orientation for the Startalk Chinese Program! It was a bit boring and extraneous, as it covered topics and guidelines for the University itself. Both Arabic and Chinese instructors introduced themselves and the class schedule ^^

Here are some of the things that the program entails:

– classes held 9:20 to 12:30 (sometimes ends at 3:00, twice a week at least)
– Field trips and community spotlights are included
-Grade distribution as follows:
• daily class performance 20%
• homework 20%
• projects 20%
• written exams 20%
• oral exams 20%

The teacher emphasized that the class is heavily based on projects, along with participation.

On the schedule, I also noticed that we will be visiting a local chinese/middle eastern super market, along with a Chineserestaurant, “Yummi” 😀

Anyways, sorry for the quick/brief post. I’ll be posting what I learned/experienced after every other class 😉

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