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Startalk Chinese: Day 1

June 7, 2011

Wow! I can’t believe I finally started my Chinese class!

Today, the clasroom time was mostly spend introducing ourselves in Chinese with various introduction vocabulary, along with typical classroom nouns. The teachers briefly went over fixed expressions such as ‘I don’t understand’, or ‘May I use the restroom’.
For some reason, I find the sentence structure in Chinese a little confusing since I have been studying SOV languages =-=;;
We got our textbook and workbooks as well. Afterwards we went to the computer lab to do some assignments that were uploaded the school’s online class system.
The homework we get on a daily basis includes:

These are the books we’re using for class

  • Homework: Regular homework will be assigned by everyday.
  • Character assignment: Coping characters 5 times
  • Daily can-do statement and Linguafolio: Self-evaluation.
I just finished my workbook homework… so I’m almost done ^^
PS. Sorry for the brief post =-=;; I’m just so tired from all the classes I had toay ^^;;;
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