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Chinese Startalk: Day 5

June 10, 2011


>Today, I took a second quiz and presented my family project! I did really good on the quiz…I got a 97%. As for the presentation I got a 95% =-=;;; I was so nervous during the presentation, so I missed up on the tones – which is why some points were taken off ^^;;  The teacher wrote that she was shocked on how much I learned in just this one week! My whole presentation was in characters, so it took a lot of studying to be able to do so.

Recently, I have been trying to find things that interest me in Chinese culture (music, movies, celebrities, etc). I believe it is important to stay interested/motivated in learning a language. That way learning the language soon provides a purpose.

So far, I haven’t really found anything else that interest me besides artists such as Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒, Show Luo 小豬 or my shainese hubby Jing Boran 井柏然.
I feel so bad that I don’t have enough time to study 한국어!! Being so, I ordered a few books from Gmarket that I will be doing a review on when I receive the shipment ^^ I couldn’t help from ordering a cardigan and Korean keyboard stickers 😀
Anyways sorry for the long post!
감사합니다 ^^
PS.I will be working on the Chinese resources page, so check it out soon 😉
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