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Chinese Startalk: Day 7

June 14, 2011

Today the class went to many places! It was also our first field trip ^^ After reviewing a little on vocabulary dealing with food, we went on the bus to our first location – Yummi House!

The food was very tasty, and we all shared (it was the one where the table turns so everyone can pick the food they want). The owner was kind enough to talk about the regional differences in Chinese cuisine. We learned that the South 南 prefers sweet food, whereas the North 北 enjoys salty food. We also learned other various facts about food in China, such as the KFC that serves rice. I didn’t take any pictures because my phone was out of battery =-= But the teacher took a lot of pictures, so I’ll be sure to get some Anyways, after spending a couple hours of chatting, laughing, and of course eating, we moved onto our next location, Talin Market!
Each group were hunting down the ingredients that our recipes required. After accumulating the various ingredianets (chili paste etc.) I picked up some some snacks ^0^ Most of the students and myself congregated in the Korean aisle to chat and watch movies via iPad, as we waited for the teachers and remaining students to finish their scavenging.
In the end, today was really fun and I can’t wait for another field trip 😀
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