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Gmarket Order 1

June 24, 2011

This isn’t my first time ordering from Gmarket… but this is my first blog post on a package I received. I have been ordering from Gmarket since Summer 2010, and I have been satisfied ever since. My order shipped very fast, and I received in less than two week!
Everything I ordered came in one box, so I wouldn’t have to recieve my items at different times. I order a two books, and a korean keyboard mat.

ISBN: 9788971419304
I heard about this book through Hangukdrama and decided to give it a try! So far, I really like the content. It is a little challenging since there are basically no English words included… but I think I’ll be able to learn a lot ^^


I also heard about this book through Hangukdrama. Since I don’t have a normal Korean book, I decided to give this one a try… mostly becuase it is about Big Bang 빅뱅.
I ordered the hangul keyboard mat to help improve my korean typing speed. So far, it has been helping a lot! I got yellow because I think black is boring =-=;;;
I can’t wait to order from Gmarket again 😀
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