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Studying for HSK… not really!

July 14, 2011

I’m sure you’ve heard of KLPT, JLPT etc etc, right? Well, since I started to study Chinese I figured I should at least ‘pretend’ to study for the HSK 汉语水平考试, which is the Chinese language test. I picked up a character list from here, and printed out a little paper that had three levels on it.

Right now I’m am righting any unfamilar character in my notebook like so:


Of course, the more copying, the better! After I memorize each level, I will highlight any character I am still hesitant on and study those while moving onto the next level. I’m not sure if this is an effective way or not, but it sure is helping so far!

My goal is to memorize all three levels by the end of the month !! So I don’t have much longer =-=;; If only I wasn’t so lazy haha

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