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Complete Guide to TOPIK Intermediate

August 7, 2011

I’ll begin by first saying, this book is EXTREMELY helpful is explaining more complex structures in phrases in the Korean language. The book begins by including a section explaining the TOPIK exam, including testing times and locations, as well as levels that are obtainable on the test.

Here is a list of the contents the book:
PART 1: 기출문제 유형분석 (Review & Analsysis of Previous TOPIK Questions)
PART 2: 유형별 연급문제 (Practice Questions)
PART 3: 실전 모의고사 (Mock Tests)
APPENDIX: Includes Practice Questions, Mock tests, and even OMR cards.

I like how after every question, the book gives a detailed explanation and background on the correct answer. The two CDs that come with the book is a plus.

I just got the book today, so I haven’t really used it in depth ><;; I’m also not sure of the beginner book since I haven’t seen it before. I found that beginner books usually introduce the language rather than really teaching.

TITLE: Complete Guide to the TOPIK Intermediate
ISBN: 9788959958139

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