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TOPIK Test Mission

August 25, 2011

Here is just a little personal post!

I have decided to take the TOPIK Beginner test!I know, I’m aiming a bit low >< I don’t think I have the confidence to take the intermediate test just yet.

Actually, I’m studying for the intermediate anyways. I figured if I studied for the intermediate test, the beginner test should be a piece of cake (at least I hope so)! I’m studying from this book, by the way.

Unfortunately, the only locations they have in the USA are very far away from me ^^;; Being so, I apparently have enough time to study before registering. I’m not sure when I’ll register though….

If you have taken the TOPIK test before, what do you recommend I study? Is the beginner really challenging? And if so, what kind of topics does the test cover?

PS. I am taking a Korean test in the fall (not the TOPIK), but I’ll posting about it after I take it 😉

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