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Conversation Partner

January 28, 2012

The ESL program at my local University offer’s a sort of language exchange for students (I go to high school and college, if you’re wondering…). I found out about this program from an email my Chinese professor forwarded to the students.

The conversation partner get-togethers are informal (not tutoring sessions) and can take place once or twice a week for about an hour, at a location of your choosing. You can arrange the meeting times and place with your conversation partner. Partners should commit to meeting for the remainder of the semester.

It’s pretty much a hub for language learners to get find partners to talk to and get and help on homework assignments etc…

I put in a request for a Korean partner, so hopefully there is someone available ><;; My university doesn’t offer any Korean courses/programs, so you can imagine the limited resources.

My suggestion is to check with your local university to see if they offer any programs that are similar. I would start with the English lab because that’s where most foreigners go to get tutoring.

Speaking of which, in myChinese 1102 class, I got assigned a Chinese tutor from Taiwan ^^;; We’re going to meet via Skype tomorrow, so expect a followup post!

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