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My Official Korean Blog

February 20, 2012

Hi everyone! I made a new Korean blog over here: in order to start fresh. I moved some of my posts from my old 네이버 블로그. It’s mostly about my personal life, etc.

Don’t feel shy on commenting, even if it’s English ^^ It’s what motivates me to write more! Also, I get corrections from Lang-8 and my 컨버 파트너, so it might be helpful towards you’re reading/writing skills!

And don’t worry, I’m still using this blog for my English/language posts 😀 😀

In other news, my 컨버파트너 and I are getting along together really well! We decided that I would write Korean journal entries and she could correct them (which will be available on my Korean Blogspot).

I haven’t practiced Chinese this week, so my tutoring session was a bit dull since I was unfamiliar with the topics. I also need to practice my tones =-=;;; I’m really terrible at speaking Chinese ><;;

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