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February 21, 2012

Haha! No – I didn’t spell it wrong!

Memrise is really useful site that offers different lists on any topic. Of course, foreign vocabulary is one of the most famous categories. They have lists in almost any language, so don’t feel restricted! They have many Korean lists, so it may be something you should check out.

Whenever I find that my vocabulary list is running short, so I visit Memrise and jot down a few unfamiliar words. If you don’t have a vocabulary list (which I reccomend you should have), this site offers ways to track words you have memrorized and even reminds me you to review! I just started using a registered account – but it’s not required to use the content 🙂

The site is based on growing a garden such as planting seeds (learn new words), and watering (reviewing the words).

You get to use other user’s lists, along with the “flashcard” feature to study them effectively. Personally, I haven’t had much experience with these flashcards, but they seem useful considering the fact that some users may instert mnemonics and examples that they use to memorize these words. They have different types of flash cards, such chose the correct english/korean word, or type in the right answer. Also something, which I find extremely helpful, is when you misspell a word, they immediately make you retype it in the next flash card.

You get to watch each plant (word), and grow the more you review. I think it’s a fun way to track your progress!

It’s definitely a site worth checking out ^^ Keep in mind, you can always deactivate your account.

So what are waiting for? Visit Memrise!

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