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Gmarket Order 2

March 13, 2012

It’s been a while since I ordered from Gmarket! And this is NOT my second order – it’s just the second review I have done keke!!

I ordered:

  1. CHECK CHECK 국어 중 1/2
  2. Big Bang 5th Mini Album
  3. Gowoonsesang Trouble Bars
  4. Duck Tales shirt
  5. Not-so-skinny pants

This is everything in the box.

Let's see what's inside...

It's the book I ordered!

I’ll do a review on the book in a later post! I haven’t used it yet 😛 It looks fairly similar to the Yonsei Readers in terms of format and usage.

Isn't this shirt cute?

The shirt came with a free pair of socks!

The so-called, "skinny pants"...

The jeans aren’t skinny at all! In fact, I would say they’re baggy! In the jeans’ defense, I haven’t worn any ‘regular’ pants in a while, so other people may deem them as perfect fitting haha!! But overall I am satisfied – because I am getting older, I feel that I should have a more refined style rather than butt-hugging jeans, right? Oh – and the belt is mine.

The ALIVE album unopened...

I got the album on discount for $8! Gmarket had a special promotion for a few days, and I had another coupon to go with it. I got the 승리 version, by the way.

What a cool cover!

This is everything that came with the album.

Here are some pictures inside the booklet. So seshi *-*

Just a quick hint everyone! I’m not sure if it was just my computer, but  when you load up the CD on your computers it’ll mention something about having two versions in the CD. DO NOT click the second option  (the one that has ALIVE in capital letters) unless you want the CD titles to be in Nihongo. It’s not a big deal though since it doesn’t actually change the songs – they’re still in Korean. I’m not picky though, so I’ll leave them in Japanese. Unfortunately, I did not receive my Big Bang poster, but I contacted the seller and they said the next time I order they’ll be able to ship it to me.

I asked them for a a gift which is why I got some samples 🙂

I have been using this brand since I’ve purchased their trouble bar during my visit in San Diego (2010-2011), and it really does help. American products to work on my skin – they just leave it more prone to more acne and makes me so dry and uncomfortable. This does make your skin a bit dry for a few minutes, but it makes your skin feel so smooth and soft. I got a few different samples after asking them for a gift since I was such a frequent buyer 😉 Don’t be afraid to ask the seller for any incentives!

Shhhhh! This is my secret acne soap. It smells like carrots though...

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have ordered! It’s not really a haul though 😛 Let me know if you’d like to see any more pictures of the album, etc.

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