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Check Check 새활 국어 중 1/2

April 5, 2012

This is the book from my last Gmarket order!

I ordered this book because I figured that my Korean was good enough to use the Korean books that native speakers use.  I haven’t completely gotten through the book, but this post pretty much reflects the whole book.

I wouldn’t say that this book is too challenging, but it is definitely taking me a long time to get through the passages (which are more than 5 pages). I find that the topics in the book were too… strange. It has only provided vocabulary that I won’t be using on a regular basis for things such as, dare I say, mountain climbing. Now my vocabulary notebook is filled with mountain related words haha… OTL

I haven’t attempted to answer the various questions in the book. My 컨버파트너 and I decided that the questions would render useless since they were a bit advanced, as I was still trying to grasp the information in the passages. But of course, some of the questions were piece of cake – at least the ones that didn’t reflect the passages…

A fold-up answer packet in the back the book...

In short, I feel like the book is for more advanced learners that want to expand their vocabulary and understanding of the Korean language in a more academic direction.  The topics are a little random which proves to be useless to a beginner or someone who seeks to speak strictly conversation Korean..

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