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How to listen to TTMIK 이야기 Lessons

April 26, 2012

As most of you know, Talk to Me in Korean is an awesome site for studying Korean for all level of learners. They even provide an 이야기 series for intermediate learners.

Here’s the process I go through when listening to their 이야기 lessons.

  1. Listen to the 이야기 without reading the PDF (try to grasp the meaning + sentence structures + vocabulary)
  2. Read the PDF and take note of unfamiliar words, sentence structures etc.
  3. Listen to 이야기 again and pay attention carefully
  4. Repeat number 3 until the 아야기 is completely understood

Once again, this is my method, so feel free to adapt my steps to your learning style. For example, my listening skills aren’t up to par, so I like to focus on the listening aspect. If you need help with reading, try practicing reading while listening, etc.

TIP: You might want to use my Evernote approach when reading an 이여기to make studying a little more easier…

Visit TTMIK’s 이야기 series here.

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