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Chinese 1102 Experience

May 18, 2012

During this spring semester, I took Chinese Year 1 Level 2 at my local university on the internet.

Of course, just like the last class, I did learn a lot of  new Chinese material. Unfortunately, since my first Chinese class was during the summer 2012, I spent much of this semester focusing on reviewing past grammar structures and characters so it was a bit regressive. I was also busy with my other college courses so I couldn’t really focus on studying Chinese and rushed with studying new characters.

Since my class finished recently, I decided to make it a summer goal to study Chinese everyday like Korean. I’d hate to forget everything I learned like last time, so I figured this would be the best.

I checked out one of my favorite books from the library called Chinese An Essential Grammar by Yip Po-Ching and Don Rimminton. If you haven’t checked out this book by now, you really should. The book is organized almost like the TTMIK lessons, so it is really effective for self-learners of Chinese.

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