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Self-Studying Korean: Year 2

May 20, 2012

This is going to sound totally cliché, but I can’t believe another year already passed! It has now officially 2 years since I started to self-study Korean. Actually, I really don’t know when I started to “self-study” Korean… but I do know I got interested in Korean culture/media in the May of 2010 – wow it already seems long ago…

This time around, I felt that my Korean didn’t progress as much as this year since I was so (partly due to school, college etc) and simply becuase I wasn’t able to learn as much as I wanted. Despite that, I did set up a goal of learning 10 words a day – which I am still doing up to date 🙂 I also finished my 연세 일기, and reconnected with one of my Korean friends – until last year, I didn’t have anybody to practice Korean with! I even moved my blog from “Mango Prince” to “Gamcho”. I now use the 두별시 keyboard, and run my own blog in Korean.

Here are my new goals for this time around:

  • Use sentences with more than 15 words
  • Learn more sentence structures/expressions
  • Meet more Korean speakers
  • Move away from basic/textbook speech
  • Write a paper in Korean
  • Start translating articles/lyrics completely
  • Find more resources (textbooks etc)

Anyways, let’s all study hard from now on, and get ready for round 2! I hope all of you will support me in my language journey.

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