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Gmarket Order 3

June 16, 2012

I picked up my Gmarket order today at the local post office this morning… and precceded to McDonalds for an bitter and refreshing iced coffee haha! Anyways, my order is a bit different this time around since I focused primary on apparel.

I got inspired to revamp my wardrobe after reading Jenny’s blog and her goal to change her clothing style to something more mature. Since I graduated high school, I really wanted to purchase more mature and more age-appropriate – especially since I haven’t went shopping in such a long time and most of my current clothes were, dare I say, from 7th grade. I really don’t like American male styles so the only things I am willing purchase are from online international stores.

Becuase it’s summer, I wanted to get more colorful and bright clothes, and becuse most of my clothes right now consist of only shades of grey.

And now for the actual order!

The box was huge – the picture doesn’t really give the size justice though.

Here is the box first opened with the content untouched

Everything spread out…

First up is the JBROS 사선 절개 4색 티셔츠 I purchased from the Gmarket SOHO collection. It is extremely nice! The colors blend together nicely, and it has a simple yet bold pattern. It is a little heavy for summer but isn’t to bad. I think it goes with any colors!

The JBROS pacakge

A little bit closer…

See what I mean? The colors all blend nicely, but it is very bold at the same time.

Next up is the STYLE J panda shirt I purchased! Let just start off my saying this shirt feels like butter. It feels so light and just comfortable to wear. Perfect for summer! Unfortunately, I never wore V-neck before, so it was a bit different but nonetheless worth it.

It’s actually much darker than in the photo…

Cute, right?

Dunnnnnn da da~ Time for Showtime shorts! These shorts are so comfortable. It’s like a mixture between swimming shorts and pajamas. It has that material that’ll make your skin feel really cool under a blazing sun. I choose mustard and wine color since I wanted to be more summery. I was going to get navy, but my mom convinced me to get yellow since it would be more festive – and I’m glad she did. In fact,  I think I’ll purchase more.

Mustard and ketchup, right?

And now for the Seungri limited edition shirt. I found this shirt extremely comfortable and pleasing to the eye. It goes great with solid color pants because of the ability to contrast with the intricate designs. This shirt also came with a limited edition box with their pre-printed signatures. I thought it was interesting either way 😛 Also, I was a bit hesitant on ordering the shirt becuase there were many reviews on Gmarket that said the shirts were really thin. In fact, the shirt really is thin but it shouldn’t be too troublesome e if you’re wearing undergarments. The back side is really  see-thru though (you can even see the design on the front side).

It came in a seperate box.

Seungri is a cutie haha! Closeup time~!

This is the box that came with the limited edition shirt.

Besides purchasing clothing, I also got a textbook! Yes~ 연세 한국어 읽기 3. I won’t say too much since I barely opened it, but expect a review soon! I had to get since I have been without a textbook for so long 😳

I thought this was cute.

And you all know this was coming… my secret soap! Luckily it came in the mail right before I ran out.

Here are some examples of some combinations I can create with just the few articles of clothing:

NOTE: The belt did not come with the shorts

I’m not sure if my purchases were ‘stylish’ or ‘classy’, but they are very comfortable and perfect for a vacation mood.

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  1. Julia permalink
    June 16, 2012 8:00 pm

    The clothes look nice, I especially like the 4 coloured shirt!

    I’ve been curious about those Yonsei reading books for a while now, but I can’t quite decide whether I should order the one for level 3, or the one for level 4… so I’ll look forward to your review of it. 🙂

    • June 16, 2012 8:04 pm

      Thank you so much!

      I’ll definitely review it soon~ I plan to study tonight 😀

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