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My First Time Translating Lyrics

July 20, 2012

I translated articles before, but I never really attempted lyrics!

Surprisingly, translating lyrics really helps me calm my nerves haha. It’s way easier than translating articles due to the simplicity of the language and the lack of uncommon and formal vocabulary. Of course, some lyrics may be harder to translate than others depending on their complexity.

I translated Wooyoung’s “Falling Down”, which is actually one of my favorite songs in his new solo album ^^ It’s really a sweet+sad song, but the sentences are really short. In fact, I only had to look up just one unfamiliar word whilst translating.

I highly recommend you translate song lyrics – it’s a great way to see different sentence structures and learn new vocabulary instead of trying to demystify dense articles.

By the way, if you haven’t already, I recommend you listen to Wooyoung’s album~ his songs really calms my nerves and his voice is really handsome, I think.


If you are curious, you can view my translated lyrics in my Korean blog over here.

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