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Gmarket Order 4

July 28, 2012

This was the biggest package I have ever recieved~ I even put an A4 notebook so you can see the actual size~

I won’t be going into detail on this order because… I’m lazy 😀

  • My complete order:
  • Boyfriend’s ‘Love style’ + POSTER
  • Wooyoung’s ’23. Male, Single’ + POSTER
  • ZE:A’s Spectacular
  • Mercury Jelly mint Galaxy S3 phone case
  • 2 A4 Notebooks
  • Sesnman Dark Jeans
  • 2 EnVy_U Basic Cardigans (Red and Mint)
  • Jon Clark Orange Color Match 3 shades shirt
  • Bonus Big Bang Alive Poster

The phone case came with two LCD protections films specifically for the Galaxy S3

I usually don’t share the prices of the things I buy, but I can definitely say all of this was under $200. I was shocked because I ordered so many items, and it wasn’t that expensive even with the shipping!

The albums are actually pretty big – way bigger than the standard US album size! I nearly exploded when I saw the ZE:A album. Shockingly, the Wooyoung album cover is a really low quality image so I was kind of disappointed… I also ordered posters with each of the albums, so a total of three albums came to my doorstep. I also received my Big Bang Alive poster that I was supposed to come with my order in March.

And now for my favorite part… the clothes!

I really liked the Jon Clark shirt I purchased. It reminds me of a popsicle for some reason~

I ordered a cardigan for my brother and I. Surprisingly , these cardigans are extremely comfortable and really soft! I wanted to get something for the Autumn since I really don’t have any warm clothing. I really like bright colors, so I figured ordering some cardigans would be perfect.

I ordered a pair of jeans since I threw away all my old skinny ones. This one was supposed to be slim, but it’s extremely baggy on me. I chose large, but I was still expecting it to be slim. My legs are really long, which is why I always have to choose large when it comes to pants. The material is so soft I can’t even tell if they’re jeans. I will definitely buy more Sensman Jeans in the future because of the high-quality feel.

It looks small, but it’s really big!

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  1. July 28, 2012 11:58 pm

    Cool stuff, I like the backback (and jacket) in the last pic!

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