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Translating is getting easier!

August 9, 2012

As some of you know, I have been translating for a couple of forums (actually 5 now) this summer. Even though I haven’t been translating as often as I would like, I definitely felt my skills improving. Translating used to be such a nightmare for me. It took such a long time and was extremely daunting.

Today I was able to translate a full article in under 20 minutes! Articles are a bit difficult since they have a different writing style and vocabulary… but I still can manage to translate them. Earlier today, I was thinking about how I wasn’t even able to translate  simple sentences in the beginning of the year. It was so frustrating and I hated it! But now… translating is such a fluid process for me. The joy of practicing hehe.

I also translated a few videos this summer … but it is still a little complicated for me. It’s getting easier nonetheless.

Anyways, the key concept you should take away from this post is don’t be afraid to take on translator positions. Most Kpop forums need translators and will accept almost anyone with basic Korean knowledge. Don’t doubt yourself and go full force!


X-Five International Forum

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