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First Chinese Vocabulary Notebook

August 15, 2012

I figured since I was starting to study Chinese again, I wanted to create a vocabulary notebook so I can easily pinpoint the characters/words I need to study just like I do for Korean 😀

I’m actually writing down the meanings in Korean rather than English. My Korean isn’t so good, but I already know a good amount of vocabulary so its not extremely difficult. Also, when I don’t know the Korean equivalent for the Chinese word, I just look up it up and thus I’m able to learn both languages at the same time ^^ I also found that Chinese vocabulary is really similar to Korean in terms of sound and meaning, which makes it really easy to study. During my Chinese class I plan to record all the vocabulary we learn (from textbook, etc) during lectures, etc.

First Chinese vocabulary notebook


Other than studying Chinese I have also been watching this Chinese drama called 无懈可击之蓝色梦想 with my favorite Chinese actor, Zhu Zi Xiao as the main lead 🙂

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