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Attending Kcon ’12

September 11, 2012

Yes! I will be attending Kcon ’12 during October 13th 2012 located at Irvine California.

Kcon is a new convention + concert event that is produced by M-net intened to cater hallyu fans that live in America.

I do realize that I am a bit /older/ for the whole Kpop scene, but I can’t help it D: Although I’m not a big fan of the bands that are going, I definitely think it’ll be very fun especially since it’s during my college fall break. I have lots of internet friends I’ll be meeting at the convention so please let me know if you’re going by commenting below, that way we can easily meetup!

The tickets start at just $40 – which I definitely think is worth it for people that never get exposed to anything Korean outside of the internet. Some of that singers that will make an appearance include EXO-M (*drools*), 4minute, VIXX, and B.A.P., G.NA, and more yet to be announced. There will be lots of booths and workshops/contests so it’ll be lots of fun.

I’m really excited because of the fansigning events and since I’ll be able to meet all my internet friends haha

If you have any questions be sure to visit Kcon’s official website for more information.

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