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Preparing for Kcon with Song Lyrics

October 9, 2012

Before heading out to California, I really wanted to learn some of the lyrics of my favorite songs that will be preformed at Kcon.

I came across VIXX’s ‘Super Hero’ (which is my favorite group goingt to Kcon), and found the lyrics were EXTREMELY easy. In fact, I found the English lyrics a harder to understand haha. I was really shocked that I was able to read the lyrics with such ease and comfort. It was just like reading English…. While reading the lyrics, I was reflecting on how hard it was for me to read Korean two years ago~

Anyways, I thought it would be great for all of you beginners to try reading it since the lyrics are very simple,  short, and so CUTE.

Yeah I wanna win this race VIXX haha
Value in excelsis Aoooowww
Uh Brand Nu Boyz is in da buildin’
Yes sir Show we gonna make it rookie’s time Race is exciting
VIXX 너를 위한 Hero V.I.X.X 비밀스런 나의 힘
보여줄게 Like a star Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Paris에서 점심을 먹고 뉴욕으로 가 (뭐든지 가능해)
너의 상상을 현실로 바꿀게 (이제 시작일 뿐야)
아찔아찔 Fantastic 원하는 세상으로 날아가
난 모든 걸 다 줄 수 있잖아 뭘 원해 넌 날 믿어 Oh 내가 널 지켜 Girl
아찔아찔 Fantastic 원하는 세상 모두 니꺼야
난 모든 걸 다 할 수 있잖아 뭘 원해 넌 날 믿어 Oh 내가 널 지켜 Girl
알프스에서 아침을 맞고 런던으로 가 (뭐든지 가능해)
기분이 어때 지구 위로 Fly (이제 시작일 뿐야)
내 품에 두근두근 뛰는 심장 소릴 느껴 봐
신비로운 나의 힘은 오직 너를 위한 것이란 걸
Oh 지킬게 널 Come, Fantastic world
달려 확 달려가 어딜 가든 날 따라와
이건 건방짐을 넘어선 우리들의 넘치는 자신감 또는 본능
우린 다 가능해 가늠이 안 되잖아 Li li li li like a burn
매번 대범하게 내 손을 잡아 VIXX (내 손을 잡아)
아찔아찔 Fantastic I feel I feel Fantastic
Ahhh, I love VIXX so much! Their songs make me feel so secure and reminiscent….

/Fanboy squealing/ 😳

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I tend to compare Korean skills to how they were before. I always feel confident, but then I realize there is A LOT to improve on.
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