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Kcon ’12 Part 1

October 15, 2012

Because I have so much to say, I will blogging about Kcon in different posts so I won’t overwhelm anyone.

Background of Kcon:

As I mentioned before in this post, Kcon is a convention/concert event revolving around Kpop. All the idols that attended such as VIXX and EXO-M participated in autographing events and the concert. This was actually one of my first Kpop concerts I ever went to. Tickets started at $40 (without concert fees), the concert was less than two hours away by plane AND it was during my fall break (Plus my future boyfriend Hyuk from VIXX  was attending the convention)– so I figured, why not?

Preparation before Kcon:

Preparing for Kcon was horrible. Actually, the day after I found after Kcon I purchased tickets. I gradually reserved other necessities such as my plane tickets and hotel etc. Here comes the bad part. After purchasing the tickets I decided to order the albums that I wanted to get autographed through Gmarket. In early October I found out it wouldn’t be arriving in time for Kcon due to a sold out item (which took forever to cancel), and being unable to pay the underestimated shipping fee becuase of a website error. So basically I spent $100 dollars on extra Kpop albums that I couldn’t even use, PLUS another $100 on the ones I had to purchase at Kcon. LESSON LEARNED: Sometimes going out your way to save money in an alternative way, may result in no money saved at all.

Look how expensive these albums were…

I felt so scammed by both Gmarket and Kcon… luckily I ended up just pre-ordering my t-shirt, a glowstick, and a VIXX album at Kcon…

Arriving at Irvine, California:

Ok I arrived in Irvine a two days before the concert, so it turned out to be a sort of mini-vacation. Since I was paying so much for plane tickets, I figured it should at least be over a somewhat long period of time to equalize the value. The only negative part to this ‘vacation’ was studying for exams that would be given after the weekend PLUS all the homework and papers I had to do. The weather was so refreshing! After checking in at the hotel, I spent the first day at the Irvine Spectrum Center – which is a really nice way to spend time outdoors. I wasn’t interested in the actual shops, rather the food and overall scenery. I splurged on crepes haha

Thankfully all the puddles disappeared later on in the day.

Uptown Nachos at “The Veggie Grill”

Since the Irvine Spectrum Center is literally the only form of entertainment in Irvine, after resting in the hotel I returned there in the evening for a bite at California Pizza Kitchen and to look at the night lights. Actually, we got $5 off of our pizza since we did a quick survey on their new pizza recipe that we happened to have ordered.


I ended the night with math homework along with cheesecake from “The Cheescake Factory” and hot fragrant tea at the hotel room…

The second day:

I spent the next day at Laguna Beach,  Koreatown and Irvine Spectrum Center for dinner (again).

Laguna beach was really nice since it wasn’t sunny/hot. I prefer overcast since I tend to have energy when the sun is not so intense. I spent a few hours at Laguna and I still wasn’t bored. I loved playing in the sand.

Laguna Beach…

Koreatown was a totally different world. EVERYTHING WAS IN KOREAN. I went to Koreatown Plaza – which was set up like a mall… with only Korean merchandise. I ended up going to Music Plaza which was filled with Kpop albums and various merchandise. Yes, it was a bit a on the pricey side… but since I don’t have access to kpop albums in my city it was actually very cheap since there was no shipping included :p At the food court I had amazing 떡뽁이 at “감자 바위”. It had jalapenos and sliced up potatoes. The 떡뽂이 was so soft and melted in my mouth! I totally recommend it if you’re in Koreatown!

I went to the Korean Book Center located in the plaza. This was the only place with a friendly seller. Actually, something interesting happened! While I was checking out the cashier asked me in Korean “Who are you buying this book for”. I said that I was buying tit for myself and he was so shocked! In fact, he was so shocked that he gave me three free books and a Korean flag! I was smiling the whole way back to the hotel.

After Koreatown I headed back to Irvine and went to Irvine Spectrum Center and ended up meeting a fellow Kpop fan on the shuttle! Her name is Erica and we are both crazy! Erica and I both saw Simon and Martina. I don’t want to say a lot, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Erica and I both went to greet them (no one else was around them), and Simon gave me an extremely dirty look while Martina was whispering something about walking faster. They ended up speed walking so Erica and I were left in their dust. I was offended… but not really :p I’m really not a fan of them (in fact, they have done a few things that have gotten me extremely angry).

The shuttle back ended up taking /forever/ so Erica and I decided to see if we can find EXO-M. AND THE OBVIOUS HAPPENS. The only place we didn’t assume EXO-M didn’t eat… WAS the place! They ate at Chipotle which was the only place we didn’t believe they were eating at. Of course this would happen.

Anyways, I had to get a lot of rest since the day was so tiring and since Kcon was the next day…

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  1. October 15, 2012 2:57 am

    I’m sorry about some of the bad things that happened. But it seems like a really fun and interesting experience 🙂
    My Korean boyfriend and I are really interested in visiting Korea Town someday. Korea outside Korea.

    • October 16, 2012 3:55 am

      Ahh thanks!! It definitely was a fun experience~ It was really different and something worth doing at least once ^^

      • oegukeen permalink
        October 16, 2012 6:43 am

        I’m surprised Simon and Martina treated you like that. They seemed friendly in their videos.

  2. October 15, 2012 3:06 am

    즐거우셨다니 무척 부럽네요. ㅋㅋ

  3. October 16, 2012 2:30 am

    woah koreatown!! really had the korean feel!! 😀

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