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Kcon ’12 Part 2

October 16, 2012

The actual Kcon convention was a big mess.

I woke up at 5:00AM and took the Double Tree shuttle which costed around $9 in total. We arrived there are around 7:00AM and waited until 10:00AM (which was brutal to the feet). I was having small talk with two sisters that happened to be on the shuttle with me.

Here is a quick video of how crazy the line was hours before they let us enter. Can you see how far it coils, even past the portable toilets to the back parking lot? Yup.

After waiting in the hot sun for hours and finally entering the venue, I ran to the pre-merch booth and picked up my VIXX album and met up with twitter friends. I’ve been friends with these people for more than 2 years online, so it was extremely cool to be able to finally meet them. We were all getting crazy haha!!

My friend Diana!~

Look at how crazy the place was during the morning during the the beginning of the nu’est fansign! Hoards of people were still coming in to the venue!

The autograph sessions:

Basically, no one had the chance to receive autographs – which you can imagine, caused huge problems. Basically, only 100 autograph vouchers were given out for each group. This meant only 100 people could get autographs.  I was actually unaware of these vouchers until I actually recieved one.I ended up getting VIXX’s autographs thanks to my mom’s help.Here’s the rundown of the fansign event for VIXX:

  1. Jumping into line at the right time
  2. Fighting and pushing to get next to the staff that was giving out the autograph vouchers
  3. Waiting in the fansign line with a bunch people on the outside still shoving and screaming
  4. Everyone was hot, sweating, packed like sardines, which ended up making the environment extremely unplessant
  5. Staff was confused on the autographing rules
  6. Etc etc

As for meeting VIXX, you can read my fan account here. I’m glad I got to meet them… but I was so tired that I barely could see their faces so everything went past like a blur. I barely even remember meeting them – that’s how nervous I was. I’m so disappointed in myself, but I was lucky enough to have them actually see my face haha

I went on Youtube and found a recording of me and my friends~ I’m the one in the yellow shorts:


You can see how hectic it was so early in the morning. Don’t even get me started about the B.A.P and EXO-M fan-signing events. Before I knew it, the whole venue was filled with depressed and crying fangirls – which totally made the atmosphere horrible.

I also made a quick video with my autographed album in case you’re interested:

The rest of the convention: 

I met so many people throughout the day, so it was really fun and stressful at the same time. My friends and I really didn’t head towards the booths until the the autograph sessions ended because were so tired after that VIXX session. The merch booths weren’t that great… it was filled with cheap items that looked easily printed from computers at home. Wasn’t worth it.

The food was extremely pricey for small plates. I had fried rice, noodles, and an eggroll.

It was surprisingly tasty haha

We had three hours to spare before the concert started to let people line up so we decided to look around and see what we could do. I met up with a couple of more online friends. It’s hard to remember what was going on since I was so exhausted and couldn’t focus on anything because of the intense sun and insane crowd of people.

At this point, we all decided we wouldn’t be coming back the next Kcon event. It was just completely hectic, people were frustrated, and it just wasn’t worth the time and money to make ourselves miserable for a few signatures

Next post: the actual concert~~~

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