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Kcon ’12 Part 3

October 17, 2012

Me and my friends waiting in line to get into the amphitheater after a long day.

Getting into the amphitheater didn’t take that long. We had to go through a steep path that coiled a hill will the amphitheater was located. I had really good seats since I was in lodge 6. I even saw what shoes the singers were wearing! Everyone was seated at a comfortable distance from each other and the venue didn’t have any external obstructions since it was in an empty venue. Having the Kcon lightsticks really made it fun – just like those concerts in Korea. I was shocked to find that it had many different modes to use! I was waving it the whole time haha

Unfortunately  There was constant advertisement throughout the whole concert with made up extremely angry and annoyed. Every time there was a ‘let’s not forget who sponsored…” you could hear the audience groan.

The opening groups were surprinsgly really entertaining! Actually, becuase I went to see the performance, I feel in love with Daze47. The singer actually took his shirt off on stage (which you can imagine, caused the whole venue to scream).

All of the groups performed at least 3-5 songs. Each of their performances was extremely memorable. I started tearing up when VIXX sang “Super Hero”, and when EXO-M started singing “Angel”. Chen sang so beautifully live! I still can’t forget the chills I got. Nonetheless, all the groups did an outstanding job.

Each group went in this order:

  • Song 1
  • Introductions (in English and Korean)
  • Song 2
  • Song 3

Unfortunately, the concert felt extremely short to all of us – especially those who arrived so early in the morning. It seemed like the advertisement was longer than the actual performances. It really did make it obvious that these people were in for money, not a show. It also felt like they were targeting the viewers on Youtube rather than the people at the actual concert.

In short, my friends and I decided we would not be coming back to Kcon. The overprices food, constant crying and screaming, fights, stress was not worth it. It may not seem like a big deal, but being lied to about the autograph sessions and being ripped off in so many ways was extremely hurtful and embarrassing. The smiles that were on everyone’s faces in the morning eventually disappeared. Personally, I was happy since I had the opportunity to meet VIXX and my internet friends. The whole thing was surreal and didn’t hit me until I was at the airport heading back home.

Some suggestions for next Kcon:

  • Break up the whole event into multiple days
  • Organize way of letting everyone get at least one autograph
  • More info on what is going on during the convention so nobody missess anything
  • Bigger venue
  • Have the convention indoors(?) so no one gets exhausted from the heat
  • Cheaper food (some people fainted since they couldn’t afford food)
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