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Preparing for my First Japanese Class

December 21, 2012

Ok. It’s not my first Japanese class, but it’s definitely my first class that counts for college credit. It sort of happened by… accident? I’m not sure if I’ll regret it later but  I guess I had to stay with my instincts ;D I tried to limit myself to learning only two languages at once but it obviously never works out…

I ended up getting into Elementary Japanese part 2. I’m not sure if it’ll be too easy, but if it is I’ll try to change classes. My professor is actually really young and cute, so if I change it I’ll have to stick with an old lady as a teacher – so we all know what’s gonna happen haha Right now I’m reviewing basic things (past tense, expressing thought) through my friend’s little lessons and by reading Japanese blog entries (which I totally recommend).

Well then, I guess it’s official – I’m studying Japanese… once again… for a grade! Which means I’ll be forced to study if I want to keep up my GPA :p It’s not that I didn’t want to study Japanese, it’s just that my time was limited because of college courses. But because Japanese is a part of my college courses it won’t be a problem anymore *^^*


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