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First Day of Japanese Class Year 1 Part 2

January 15, 2013

The class was totally different than what I expected – both good and bad :p

For example, the class doesn’t even use Kanji. At all. Everything is written in Katakana and Hiragana. Coming from a Chinese class this was totally irritating haha. I really hate the ways Japanese classes introduce Kanji without vocabulary. Personally, I find that learning Kanji readings really don’t help – memorizing with ongoing vocabulary stays in my memory and makes it /relevant/. It feels like I’m lacking information when teachers don’t write the appropriate Kanji with words – like I’m being robbed of knowledge I guess?I think the people in my class are a bit daunted to learn Kanji, when in reality, it makes writing easier, clearer, and more stimulating.

Today we spent the whole class learning how to say “名前は何ですか?”, “専攻はなんですか?” etc. You can imagine how fidgety I was getting. We also had to write a 少し description of our selves (and of course I wrote a detailed and vivid paragraph haha), and I saw that most of the  class was still struggling with writing… which made me wonder how the beginner teachers were teaching the alphabet systems.

Speaking of which, I was looking over the class syllabus and the last unit is learning the  て-form. Something that took me less than a day to become completely familiar with. I honestly thought I was coming to the class unprepared but that obviously wasn’t the case haha.

On the other hand, I love the environment of the class. Everyone is very friendly and the teacher is really nice (which is how I got into this level course without any prior Japanese class). The class doesn’t even feel like a class. It feels like an extra curricular class hehe. I don’t think I’ll be learning any new Japanese with this new class – which is fine. I just bought a book filled with loads of Japanese and Korean vocabulary so I’ll be self-teaching myself once again. I’ll use the class as a basis, which always ends up being more effective for me.

Nonetheless, I was so happy to see such enthusiastic young people taking interest in Japanese. They were all working really hard and helping one another ^^

I’m a little hesitant on buying the textbooks for the class since I don’t think they’ll be providing any use to me?? Especially since they don’t use Kanji and the books are EXTREMELY basic and they are quite… expensive. I think I’ll invest some money into the required workbooks though. I’ll try to leave a review on whatever I manage to purchase.

Anyways, sorry for the long post 😀

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