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[VOCABULARY + PHRASES] Getting a Haircut in Korean

May 18, 2013

I think like most of you, I have always wanted to try and get a haircut in a foreign language. This means explaining the type of haircut you want, listening to the hairdresser’s suggestions etc. Being so, I decided to compile a list of  useful vocabulary and expressions  that you might want to use or understand if you ever do decide to get a haircut in Korea.



머리자르다 to cut hair

염색하다 to dye hair

팜아를 하다 to get a perm

예약하다 to make an appointment


머리를 어떻게 해드릴까요? What do you have in mind?

모리 좀 잘라야겠다. I’d like to get a haircut.

끝만 다듬어 주세요. I just want a trim.

요즘 유행하는 스타일이 어떤거죠? What is a popular style these days?

얼마나 잘라드려요/어떤 길이를 원하세요? How much do you want to have a hair cut off?

멀리 숱 쳐주세요. I want it thinned out.

층을 내 주세요. I want it layered.

앞머리 어떻게 해드릴까요? How do you want your bangs?

구레나룻 어느 정도 길이로 해드릴까요? How long should I cut the sideburns?

머리색을 바꾸고 싶으세요? Did you want to change your hair color?

환머리 커버하고 싶어요. I’d like to cover the gray.

그게 제 얼굴형과 잘 어울릴까요? Will this compliment my face shape?


If you think of anymore phrases you’d like to see, comment below and I’ll provide the translation.

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  1. Caroline Ding permalink
    October 12, 2013 6:39 am

    Thankyou this is soooo useful! 🙂 How do you say `Your hair looks different but nice, did you get a haircut?ˊ Please reply asap 🙂 thankyou <333

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