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21 question tag – the Korean learner version

May 20, 2013

My super awesome online friend and Co-Korean learner Shanna from Hangukdrama tagged me on Twitter!



1. Why Korean?

I was watching anime on Crunchyroll since I was really into it at that time. I saw the ‘drama’ link on the navigation bar, and I decided to click it out of curiosity. I saw a list of dramas and I happened to click on “Coffee Prince”. After a few episodes I really felt intrigued with Korean culture and language. Korean really felt soft to my ears, and I loved the atmosphere of the whole drama. After that, I decided I would learn about Korean culture + language a little more. And before I knew it, I was self-studying Korean.

2 . Daum or Naver (dictionary I mean)?

I use Naver when I’m using a computer and Daum when I’m using my iPhone. So… both!

3. First website that you visit everyday?

Probably Twitter haha. My phone notifies of mentions so it’s usually given that I’ll check it first haha

4. Best thing that happened to you? (related to learning Korean)

I was able to spend extra time every week with a special someone because I studied Korean.

5. Ever regretted learning Korean?

Of course not! One can only benefit from learning a foreign language, right?

6. Most common feedback/question you get when you say you are learning Korean?

Why are you studying Korean?

What made you want to study Korean?

7. First Korean food that comes to your mind?

떡볶이, mainly since it was the first Korean food I tried haha

8. Most overrated Korean drama?

You’re Beautiful.

I couldn’t even get passed the first episode, I’m sorry!

9. Most underrated Korean drama?

Nail Shop Paris. I HAVEN’T SEEN ANYONE TALK ABOUT IT?! It’s just like coffee prince but with only hotter guys that happen to be nail artists 😉 It’s so painful to wait for new episodes to come out.

10.Latest milestone in learning Korean?

Yeah I still haven’t finished my second novel I bought… I can never finish textbooks or novels. But lately I have been finishing web novels and comics like no one’s business haha

11. Favorite Korean word / phrase?

I can’t think of any right at the top of my head right now, but right now I’m thinking about 빙글빙글. I love the sound ㄹ makes. I’ll probably edit this later when I can think of another word ><

12. Name 3 people (fictional / real) who motivate / influence your Korean learning journey

Hyunwoo from TTMIK: Without him, I wouldn’t have had consisntent studying with Korean. I probably would have given up or moved on to something else

Shanna from Hangukdrama: She is so nice and inspiring. Despite what she thinks, she is super talented and motivated me to continue studying and even start a blog.

Various cute Korean celebrities/singers: Let’s be serious. Without hot Korean guys, would any of us really be here.

13. Secret ambition / goal (relating to Korean)

I have always wanted to do translating – specifically for  for Kpop celebrities. That way I could be around them without them knowing my true intensions *side eyes*. Other than that I really want to have my own MBC/SBS podcast someday with thousands of listeners once I speak Korean at a native speaker level.

14. I want to sound like _____ when I speak Korean

Hyuk from VIXX. He always uses uncommon/sophisticated vocabulary + intricate sentences so it’s always hard for me to understand what he’s saying. Someday I want to be able to understand him completely.

15. Best compliment received (for Korean)

One of the Korean exchange students was so shocked in my speaking abilities. She only speaks in Korean to me these days since she knows I can actually communicate on a very solid level.

16. When is the last time you sat down and study Korean?

Today on my bed haha But I really don’t study… it’s basically just scanning textbooks and recording vocabulary

17. Favorite textbook?

Probably my Japanese textbook made for Koreans. It gives vocabulary words with sentence examples in Japanese AND Korean.

18. Special people you met (online or otherwise) through Korean?

Basically everyone I met online are because of my interest in Korean. Without Korean, I wouldn’t have met over half the people I know in college.

19. How has learning Korean changed you / your life? 

Learning Korean  gave me a stable hobby that I still maintain to this day. In fact, because of Korean, I have been able to learn Chinese and Japanese and even my mom’s language – which finally allowed me to communicate with my grandma. Without Korean I wouldn’t have any long-term goals besides normal schoolwork. And now, I am able to visit a whole different part of the world because of it. Overall, learning Korean has been a positive influence for me.

20. Ever dreamt in Korean?

Actually yes. Just recently I have had two dreams in Korean. I have never dreamed in English (my native language) before though… is that weird?

21. Single best thing about learning Korean?

Being able to communicate with people with foreign language. It’s so cool to see people can actually understand what I’m saying when I’m speaking in a tongue that’s foreign to me. It’s like I’m able to impact people’s thoughts and actions through a code language hehe



I tag all of you who have read this post! Please comment below if you do decide to make a post so I can read it 😀 Thanks for tagging me, Shanna! This was really fun~ And I’m sorry if my answers were boring haha

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 22, 2013 6:41 am

    hehe i love your secret ambition!!! I want my own radio show too ❤ hahahha. Pretty cool if we can start a radio / podcast by Korean learners and for Korean learners! ^^

    • May 22, 2013 7:21 am

      Thanks! It was literally the first thing that came into my mind – don’t judge bahaha

      I definitely think we should! Don’t you think it would be so cool for fellow Korean learners to hear our experiences/advice along with feedback and comments from other listeners? That way everyone can relate and learn from each other at the same time – especially since we both have a varying resources/experiences due to our opposite locations, right? I’d tune in to that! We totally need to make this happen ASAP~ 😀

  2. May 30, 2013 2:57 pm

    Alright, I’m totally going to watch “Nail Shop Paris” based on your note.

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