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Japanese by Renzo + Japanese Reading Method

December 23, 2013

Japanese is one of my most frequently used app on my iPhone besides Twitter. It is an extremely convenient and aesthetically pleasing Japanese dictionary app for iPhone.

I got this app a few weeks ago because the developer had had a cyber monday deal where the app was free. Please note that the price does fluctuate often, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t like to pay  lots of money for apps. And yes, there are plans for the app to updated to match the iOS 7 minimalistic theme so don’t fret just yet.


This app has a “discover” screensaver at the search screen, which really makes this app unique.

My updated Japanese reading method:

  1. Find a Japanese book and start reading
  2. Open up Japanese on iPhone if unknown word is encountered
  3. If unable to read/type Kanji character, use the Chinese handwriting keyboard preinstalled on iPhone
  4. Add word to target list (I have lists organized by books I’m reading)
  5. Continue reading
  6. At the end of every chapter or so, copy down words from respected list into notebook
  7. Repeat Steps 1-7 until done with book

Why you should download this app:

  • Discover screen
  • Ability to create lists
  • Preset JLPT  vocabulary lists
  • Word entry have conjugations
  • Memorize and repeat system for lists (includes JLPT lists)
  • Extremely fast searching
  • Loads of example sentences (with furigana on each kanji)
  • Kanji stroke order
  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Can search with romaji (even conjugated romaji)

Why you shouldn’t:

  • Costs money
  • Handwriting recognition is horrible (but using the iPhone’s preset keyboard makes up for this)

In the end, I  think this a must-have app for Japanese learners. It makes studying less of a hassle, reading becomes less time consuming, and it also makes memorizing vocabulary a cinch.


My custom list for Kiki’s Delivery Service

You can download the app here

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