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First week of Advanced Japanese Readings

January 29, 2014

Last  week was my first week at school! I usually don’t like to blog about my actually classes but this semester I registered for Advanced Japanese Readings  class, so I figured I’d write up a quick post since the class closely relates to the JLPT and my personal Japanese studies.

I was really nervous registering for this class for a couple of reasons. First of all, I  haven’t had any solid Japanese studies at school. This is due to the fact that last spring semester I skipped to Japanese 102, and in the fall semester I once again skipped to Japanese 301. Secondly, All of my classmates mentioned they had four years of studying Japanese AKA longer than I have even been studying Korean. Having only studied Japanese for almost  a year now, I was extremely  terrified.

Fortunately, I was able to keep up with the class during the first week. I wrote half a page in Japanese about my goals related to Japan/Japanese, confidently took a vocabulary quiz, and participated in the class.

I really like how the class is set up – it’s sort of just like how I have been study by myself! We receive an article, with it’s respective vocabulary + definitions listed on the back. We then get quizzed on the vocabulary every day until we finish the article, and a composition written in Japanese is due every Thursday.

Literally the most perfect class to prepare yourself for the JLPT. We’re also reading snippets of 小説, which I love doing on my free time anyway.

Currently we are starting one aimed at elementary schoolers (小学生向け小説).

스크린샷 2014-01-26 오전 8.27.39

However, I am lacking in the most important aspect of this class – speaking.  I am able to understand questions and answer in complete sentences BUT I have trouble communicating with my friends and professor in Japanese when we’re freely talking with unpredictable subjects.  I get really nervous and forget how to say everything. Since I’m forced to speak Japanese in class, I think I am bound to improve by the end of the semester.

I have already learned a lot in this class, so I can’t wait to see my progress later on.

I cannot stress this enough,  even if self-studying can be sufficient to some degree, attending a class or finding a friend allows you to practice speaking. In my case, it’s a little hard to find Japanese speakers in my area so going to school and meeting people is the only way I can do so. And I’m not sure why, but most people hate practicing speaking with another language learner?? Whenever I talk to other people who study Japanese, we end up sharing techniques and learning off of each other’s mistakes & progress.

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