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セーラームーン and VOCA

March 14, 2014

It feels like it’s been ages since I last updated this blog! I have been slowly recovering from tendentious pain so I have been reluctant to using the computer.


In honor of my first day of spring break, I figured it would be nice to start with a nice study session.

A few a weeks ago, I ordered volume 1 of the  20th anniversary セーラームーン完全版 manga collection. In honor of the anniversary, 講談社 has been releasing high-quality and digitally remastered condensed volumes of the original Sailor Moon manga series. I figured since it’s hard for me to stay on the computer because of my wrist pain, reading manga would be a better alternative to keep me busy.

Just a heads up in case anyone is hesitant on buying this – is already sold out of volume 1 so I wouldn’t wait. Fortunately, the other volumes seem to still be in stock all over the internet.


The new anime series will air this summer, so it’s really a good time to catch up on the manga series for anyone who hasn’t read them yet!

In February the only Japanese vocabulary  I  was  learning were those that I was assigned in the classroom (mostly from news articles), and I felt that I wasn’t learning as much as I do when I study on my own. Since I’m really lazy when it comes to reviewing textbooks, I decided  to reopen my VOCA book now that I have a better understanding of Japanese. When it comes to vocabulary textbooks, it is easy for me to have a set curriculum/schedule with studying new vocabulary on a daily basis.

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