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Finished Second Japanese Novel

March 25, 2014

Because of school I wasn’t able to finish my Japanese book that I purchased earlier this year, 思い出のとき修理します.

Fortunately, due to lots of free time during spring break  I was able to finish it yesterday… which means I have officially finished my second Japanese novel!


I’m a little lost on figuring out which book I should read next! Apparently, Haruki Murakami’s new short-story collection book, “女のいない男たち” will be available next month. Even though my Japanese is far from “Murakami level”, I find that his simple writing style makes it really easy to read (in terms of understanding content on a surface level) – as seen through both of my experiences with Korean and English translations. If not Murakami, I might just buy a light novel since a month is a little long without reading material.

Lately I have been getting back into Japanese anime and manga due to my wrist pain, recommendations from friends, and plainly because I feel like it’s a really great way to passively study Japanese. It’s really cool to finally watch and understand anime that I watched when I was a small child.  Two days ago I pre-ordered the Sailor Moon 完全版 volumes 11 and 12, which will be released next month. I decided to skip out on issues 10 and 11, which will be released this week, since they are a little expensive for me.

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  1. kolio permalink
    June 12, 2014 11:01 pm

    i love your japanese posts about novels/manga. please keep on sharing!

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