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Amazon Order: BL Novels + Fineboys May 2014

April 12, 2014


This month, I ordered a novel called “真夜中クロニクル” and the May 2014 Issue of FINEBOYS. I found another novel that I really wanted to read ASAP, so I placed a separate order for another novel called “眠り王子にキスを“.

The 28th anniversary issue of FINEBOYS comes with two extra booklets. Not mention, the cover features the handsome 亀梨和也 with short hair!

I’ve have been reading 真夜中クロニクル since last night. It is one of those books that are really hard to put down. I’m not sure why, but I find reading Japanese novels much more relaxing and cozier than Korean novels. Anyone else feel like this?

I have translated the synopsis of both novels below in case you are interested in reading them:




Nina is a difficult eccentric who has a disease where he cannot come out under the sun. Nina meets Youkou that is 7 years younger at night in a park. Even though he is cruel and troubling to sweet Youkou, Nina’s heart gradually softens. In order for the the two of them to escape everything, they fly out on a night where the stars come down. Youkou wraps up Nina with the warm awakening of love, yet Nina is bewildered with the emotions that come and his unable to move forward. Time passes, the growing pair struggle with the future while they are engulfed in change.




Deli owner and chef Hori Atsushi takes an interest in a customer.
He’s a friendly and smiling salaryman that sure knows how to pull off a suit.
They exchange conversations with each other up to twice a week, which has been Atsuhi’s recent pleasure.
The thought of the customer’s friendly smile burns a small fire deep in his heart.
But because of troubled past, Atsushi decides not to love.
Despite this, he ends up giving cooking lessons to Miyamura!?

What novels have you guys been reading? Any recommendations?

And if you’re not reading a novel in your target language, why not?

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  1. April 15, 2014 1:29 am

    woo! looks good 😀 😀 Heh I should try reading a BL novel next xD I usually go for thrillers/detective stories for Japanese novels. 😛 reading パラレルワールド・ラブストーリー now (hahaha my favourite author again lolol)

    yeah and I agree with you that Japanese novels are more “relaxing”. mmm it’s just a different feel but I can’t exactly pinpoint the difference :/

    • April 15, 2014 5:46 am

      You totally should! I have noticed that most BL novels are written in a descriptive style, and they portray relationships in unique circumstances–– I love it all! I guess it is because I am such a sucker for cute romance stories ^^’ Currently trying to avoid ‘x-rated’ ones though 😎

      I’ve never read any thrillers in Japanese or Korean before. Maybe I’ll read パラレルワールド・ラブストーリー once I’m done with these two. I read the synopsis and some reviews on Amazon Japan and it sounds like it is the perfect mix of love, mystery, and fantasy!

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