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Finished 眠り王子にキスを

April 18, 2014

Wow it has been exactly a week since I started reading 眠り王子にキスを… and I finished today!

The book itself 223 pages, so I am really surprised! Usually it takes me quite some time to finish a book in Japanese.


I noticed that this time around, I didn’t need to check the dictionary as often and I was able to breeze through most pages. I also remember that I was able to giggle at certain points in the novel, meaning I was able to fully understand the situation, context of the conversation, and overall atmosphere. I think this is due to my intensive advanced Japanese reading class and overall exposure to lots of Japanese content during these past few months in 2014.

The only problem I had was when there was not direct indication to who was talking during dialogues. Of course, after re-reading some lines it was easy to figure out who was talking. Usually in books written in English, speakers will take turns. However, in Japanese books it seems as though that isn’t the case.

Unfortunately, because my school semester is nearing an end, and professors are flooding students with assignments, projects, and presentations, I’m going to have to focus on school instead of reading.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed reading this book! I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind reading BL. Both the plot and characters are very realistic. Most people would say that the book is slow paced, but it really didn’t feel that way when I was keep contemplating ways that the relationship was going to progress. Both characters had such different personalities, yet their interactions flowed swiftly. Personally, I felt that 篤史 was a big sensitive baby at certain points in the story. There is only one explicit scene – and it is literally the last few pages. Feel free to skip it, but it really isn’t graphic as you’d think (or maybe I’m just immune to that kind of stuff haha).

It’s officially my new favorite book written in Japanese.

If you want to see what books I’m interested in reading or books I have read, please visit my Booklog! 😀

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  1. May 23, 2014 11:30 am

    Wow, so it’s a book and not a manga! You’re really good though! I still can barely read newspapers, books are still quite hard for me :/

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