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「料理男子の愛情レシピ」読み終わり and Author Tweet

May 28, 2014


Yesterday morning I finished reading my BL novel I bought recently called 料理男子の愛情レシピ! I love novels + dramas + films that revolve around bakery/cafes/cooking so much. To my delight, the cooking scenes were very descriptive and vivid.

The only thing that I guess most people wouldn’t like is the fact that the latter part of the book literally has three sex scenes. It didn’t bother me much since the catalysts for them seemed very realistic. I learned some really interesting words from them such as:  雁首,  潤滑, 薄皮, and 先端. Feel free to look them up in a dictionary if you don’t get easily offended, haha!

Speaking of vocabulary words, my renzo notebook now has over 700 words! I have such trouble reviewing them – partially because I’m lazy and I find it extremely to not get distracted on my phone 😦



I have “sticky memo” book tabs from Daiso, so I decided to use them for my reading this time. Whenever I found a sentence that struck me or a grammar structure that I wanted to use, I stuck a book tab next to the sentence. It’s obviously not the right way to use them, but it works for me!

Because of finals I was unable to read it until my break started last week. I want to say it took around 6 days to finish? I’m a little shocked because this book was around 245 pages, and usually it takes me quite some time to finish a Japanese novel.


After finishing the novel I tweeted 犬飼のの to tell her I really enjoyed reading the novel… and she replied back! It was so cool to know the person that created the characters that I fell in love and the story that was engrossed with, acknowledged me!  I am so thankful to live in an era where I have the ability to communicate with people I admire that live across the globe. As a kid, I remember that our teachers would have us write letters to authors – but it was so difficult to get a response back – if we even got any.

She even followed me back!

I’ve already got another book in my Amazon shopping cart – I hate being “bookless”. Books are just so much more fun and not dry like regular textbooks. Personally, I always have trouble finishing textbooks.

In other news, I completely organized my blog posts, categories, and tags. It is much more simplified and I have very limited tags that serve as sub-categories. For example, this post is under the Japanese category, tagged with “japanese novels” indicating that this is about Japanese novels. So from now on, rather than tagging my posts with random tags that I rarely use, I will be using a very limited amount so they serve a more functional purpose. WordPress has a tag-category converter so in the case that I feel like tags are not sufficient enough I will convert them.

I have also been listening to 山下智久’s newest album and I’m loving it it! My favorite song would have to be 原始的じゃナイト~アナログ ラブ~ because of the jazzy vibes it gives off – I’m especially loving the trumpets! I might buy the album later since it’s a little pricey for me right now.

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  1. May 28, 2014 2:11 pm

    Wooo nice!! (: get more books!!! I need to finish the ones i have on hand before getting new ones :/ You have progressed so much in Japanese and it’s awesome to be reading about your learning journey!

    • May 29, 2014 1:01 am

      Hey Shanna! 😀

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment ❤

      It feels like I haven't progressed at all! So I'll just have to keep trying my best, right? 🙂

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