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三次元恋愛の攻略法 Start

June 8, 2014

Last week my new book arrived through DHL.

I decided not to order the FINEBOYS July issue this time because:

  1. I’m broke and can’t spend $20 bucks on shipping for a magazine and book
  2. I might order something later this month anyway


For this month, I decided to order another book by 犬飼のの since I enjoyed her last book. I really wanted to find another book that revolved around cooking, but I couldn’t find something that seemed realistic and not all about sex.

Sadly, I flipped the book and scanned through the photos (bad habit), and found the book is literally filled with sex scenes. MAJOR LETDOWN. Of course, I’m not going to judge just yet so I barely started chapter 3. I mean, there is no way a book can have no story line, right?!


Online game company executive VP Haruto is the middle of finding his fated spouse and getting married. However, at a marriage matching party, a man named Kuriu embraces him and rescues him from a crisis of his own virtue. At first he aims to brush off the pleasure that come along with gay tendencies, but is swept off his feet, and  that he must work with Kuriu the illustrator at all costs. Kuriu’s condition for taking the job is “You must be bound by a love contract, including sexual activity”…?  Could this be his fate?

I’m totally cringing after reading that summary – I was too lazy to read it before I bought the book 😦 I guess I’ll have to give it a chance right? I mean, the latter part of the book seems like it has an actual plot. I read some reviews, and people said that they liked how the characters interacted through game avatars throughout the story – which sounds like such a cute story in itself. Either way, I feel like reading anything helps improve language skills so I’m not going to be too picky.

My Korean N1 textbooks should be arriving in the mail any day, so I am super excited to start studying with them. If anyone is interested I might post my progress later with them after a couple of weeks or so.  数日前、日本語を学ぶ教科書を買うため 英語と韓国語どちらの方がいいかなって思ったんですが、 もちろん韓国の有用なJLPT準備ついて教科書多いから 韓国語で書かれた教科書買うことを決めました。


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