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A July JLPT Frenzy Witch

July 14, 2014


This month, I have temporarily turned into a Japanese Language Proficiency Test frenzy witch!

JLPT Frenzy Witch : a witch studying for 6-7 hours a day with JLPT textbooks focusing primarily in vocabulary and grammar. This witch is also very organized in his/her studies. They are in a frenzy in preparation for the JLPT 24/7.

I am unable to take the JLPT this year, nor do I plan to take it, but I still find it very fun to prepare for it nonetheless. Us witches must have a goal to keep our powers in track, am I right?

Today I am taking a break since I have already been working endlessly on my online homework and I think it is a great way to relax and retain some information. I think I might open my textbooks for 2 hours or so later today after I read my novel called  神様は この恋をわらう.

In order to fuel my frenzy powers, I have been frequently jamming to Frankie Knuckle’s, “The Whistle Song” which you can listen to below. Prepare for sweet pangs of nostalgia and spells of shake-your-booty fever.

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