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Summer Read Goal 神さまは この恋をわらう

August 2, 2014

Today I finished my third Japanese book of the summer. My goal was to read one book a month during my summer break (May, June, and July), and I’m proud to say I accomplished it! At first it wasn’t hard to do – especially with the short BL novels. But then it became a little more difficult to squeeze in when my online classes started to end and when I chose a longer book than what I am used to.

神さまは この恋をわらう was over 330 pages and the pages were very large… so I’m really shocked I managed to pull through and finish. I know some other foreign language learners tend to quit their books half way through, and I really didn’t want to be follow their footsteps – I used to do the same thing years ago. I think this is because most of the time people don’t set small goals. For example, I knew that I wanted to finish the book by the end of the month, so I had to read at least pages a day in order to finish around that time frame. Really enjoyed this book, but not sure if I really enjoyed the ending.


I don’t think I will aiming to finish another book this month because school will be starting and I want to make sure that I have complete focus on my coursework and other studies. But if you have any recommendations for Japanese books, please share them! I tried finding interesting books online, but it was really difficult to find something that appealed to me.

SOLIDEMO has released a new short MV for their song “Heiroine” earlier this week, which was the theme song for the Fuji TV drama ファースト・クラス. Not only do I like this upbeat tune, I think that the singers are very handsome and mature!

Speaking of dramas, I am now watching 水球ヤンキース. It’s filled with really handsome actors, so I completely recommend it for the eye candy itself! One of my favorite actors 千葉雄大 also stars in it. I’m also watching HERO 2014, which is a remake of the original drama that aired in 2001. Not sure why it is, but I am really enjoying this Japanese trend of remaking things from the 90’s and early 00’s. In celebrating their respective anniversaries this year, Sailor Moon and Digimon are creating new anime series in celebration so be sure to watch and support them.


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