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August Packages: N1 Textbooks, Fineboys, and Sailor Moon

August 25, 2014


This month, I received a set of 2 packages related to my Japanese study.

The first package was from Amazon Japan and it included the Official N1 mock test and the August 2014 of FINEBOYS. Apparently, this mock test is supposed to be an accurate representation of the difficulty level of the real test. Actually, I still need to finish the listening exercises. I’m just too lazy to deal with the CD, haha!

Not only was Hey! Say! Jump! member 山田涼介 featured on the cover on this month’s FINEBOYS issue, but I was also pleased to find that co-member 中島裕翔 was featured  inside as shown in my tweet below.


Earlier this week my Korean N1 Reading book arrived in the mail. I decided to order another N1 textbook because I wanted to work on my reading skills for the JLPT since the questions can be a little confusing and the passages can become very long + tiring to read. I already finished my other reading textbook and I’m afraid that the passages in this book aren’t as difficult as the others.

Along with the textbook came a secret parcel from my uncle – a magazine that featured Sailor Moon on the cover! Actually it is because of him I got into Sailor Moon. I used to watch some of his Sailor Moon videos on VHS when I was around 5-6 years old so this really means a lot to me. I already added the magazine to my “Sailor Moon Shrine”.

As I am typing this, I am about to finish episode 6 of 水球ヤンキース. The beginning of the episode included 中島裕翔’s character giving the young girl of the household a bite out of his big shrimp tempura. Not sure what kind of message that was supposed to send, but it left me laughing (and feeling a little envious)!

And on that note, I wish everyone a happy upcoming week!

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