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Proplica キューティムーンロッド in Hands!

November 11, 2014

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As a Sailor Moon fan, I was extremely pleased to find that there was a new Bandai sub-brand called Proplica that attempts to replicate items in anime as toys for adults. One of the first series that Proplica decided to launch with was the Sailor Moon 90’s anime! I skipped out on the Moon Stick because it wasn’t as appealing as the Cutie Moon Rod. It was something I always wanted since I was in kindergarten. I mostly grew up with the “Sailor Moon R” season – where the cutie moon rod was introduced


I originally pre-ordered it from, but decided just to place it with Amiami since it was cheaper and I wouldn’t have to wait until next year just to receive it.


The batteries are actually inside the ruby sphere

The rod feels great to hold, and lights up just like it does in the anime (even the top crown lights up). Actually, I even wear gloves when handling this product.


I like logo on the packaging. I think it is very iconic, clean, and pretty.

One of my favorite aspects of this toy is that it includes BGM from the attacks – something that other generations of Sailor Moon toys did not include. The Cutie Moon Rod even features the extra BGM vocals from the Sailor Moon R movie.

Takanori Arisawa (有澤孝紀 ),composed of all the songs and BGM of the Sailor Moon 90’s anime and is my favorite composer of all time. He combined disco + jazz + classical music and incorporated them gorgeously into both graceful and intense scenes. Actually one of my favorite songs was composed by him, らしくいきましょ.


I really admire how detailed the stand is – it features the moon palace!

Even though the price was a bit high, I have no regrets with this purchase since it is something I have always wanted. One of the best benefits of being an adult is making your childhood dreams come true.

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