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昨夜のカレー、明日のパン Finished Day Before Due Date

November 16, 2014

I was and still am busy with school so I really didn’t have time to read these past few weeks. When I found out that my book was due last Saturday, I immediately forced myself to make time in between classes and during my commute to read 昨夜のカレー、明日のパン. I ended up finishing it a day before it was due.


This book was a bit more on the depressing side because death seems to be the most prevalent topic. I’ll admit, at first I really didn’t enjoy the book until I got towards the end. I don’t recommend this book for beginners because the time periods differ in chapters, and so does the focus on character. I think beginners will have a bit of a trouble distinguishing such things. Personally, I had trouble with was knowing who the characters were. For example, in one chapter I didn’t realize “連太郎” was Tetsuko’s father-in-law’s name until I googled it. It was also hard for me to figure out the relationships between the characters so I had to research them a little as well. One I found out who the characters were, it made it much more easier to understand.

I think I will start watching the drama once my schedule settles down a little – I can’t wait to see how it goes along with the book. I watched a preview of the first episode, it seems a little quirky just like how I imagined the first chapter to be.

Sky-Hi released a new single on the 7th called スマイルドロップ (Smiledrop). The modern disco instrumental in this song is something that I admire in current Japanese music culture and I think it fits his voice really well. I can proudly say that 2014 is THE year for newly created disco and house tracks – especially with release of Azealia Banks’s first album Broke With Expensive Taste. Personally, I am happy that North American society has finally moved on from unsatisfying and choppy EDM/dubstep music prevalent in 2011 and 2012.

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