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First Wego then Frappuccino

December 1, 2014

I really wanted to buy a new sweater while watching my favorite Japanese Youtuber 赤髪のともさん’s live video channel. I found that my fashion sense is very similar to his. We almost own the same exact clothing. I assume this is due to my inclination to shop at Uniqlo, a famous Japanese retail store.

スクリーンショット 2014-11-26 16.40.06

People in the comments were making fun of his sweater, but I thought he looked so cute in it.


I had already own olive chinos and brown desert boots, so I figured that buying a sweater similar to his would be perfect. Before I finished watching the video, I directly went to WEGO (instincts?) and found a sweater that was extremely similar.

The first time I stepped into the WEGO in Harajuku, I really didn’t find any of the clothing appealing. I dress a bit older than my age – something more ageless. Wego fashion is young fashion. I am happy to say that I am really pleased with my first purchase – the sweater feels handmade!

A few days ago, I made my own green tea mixed iced beverage. In fact, it tasted better than the one at a popular coffee shop franchise. Instead of cheap java chips, I used a $10 matcha dark chocolate bar in put pieces of it into the blender and I used pre-sweetened matcha powder from Whole Foods. It tasted so much fresher, healthier, and lighter. Drinking coffee made by chain stores always make me feel queasy because of all the extra sugar (even though I get it unsweetened and no whip). Not to mention, it is much more hygienic to make your own beverage..



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