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10 Years Back with Orange Days

December 28, 2014

I wanted to make a quick post before the year 2014 ends.

I think 2004 was the peak of my childhood interest in Japanese culture – exactly 10 years ago. Even though I was extremely shy, I registered myself in a Japanese class that was held every Tuesday. Sadly, none of the other kids were as interested in the language as I was, so it slowly evolved into an origami class. After the class ended, I stopped studying Japanese because there were not many resources on the internet at that time, and nobody takes a 10 year old seriously.


This week, in order to celebrate that year and to honor my 10 year old self, I have been watching a 2004 Japanese drama called “Orange Days”. The drama follow college students in their 4th year of college, using “real” Japanese unlike some other Japanese dramas that only use simple and slang-free sentences. The acting is amazing, each episode is like a little movie, and I think this would go under my top 10 favorite dramas of all time! I think my younger self would be really shocked that I’m stil interested in Japanese culture, and even more surprised that I majored in Japanese for my undergraduate studies.

Because sign language is used heavily throughout the drama, I have actually picked up many JSL (Japanese Sign Language) gestures! I think I memorized around 15 gestures just buy watching a 4 and a half episodes. It actually helped me reinforce a lot of vocabulary. I bet studying sign language alongside the actual language would make it so much easier and more fun to memorize vocabulary, wouldn’t you agree?

I think after I finish this drama series, I will continue to watch other dramas that these actors starred in – especially ones during the early ’00. People born in the 1980’s seem to be very attractive!

I think there is a big misconception that you can’t study by watching dramas. However, f you’re one of those people who watch with subtitles, and don’t take notes on vocabulary/grammar, record sentences, etc… I think watching dramas will prove to be useless in your language studies.

I also got a reply from one of my favorite Japanese artists, KaNa. One of my favorite songs called “Flower of Snow” produced by him was released as a free download as a Christmas present. I associate this song with January-Feburary 2014. Please try listening to his music – he creates progressive house music that encourages positive emotions relating to the past and unknown future.

Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you next year!

Edit: I just found out that this is my 200th post on this blog! 

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