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Curry and Boys boys boys

April 7, 2015


And boys.

The only things circulating in a gay guys’s mind!

(Just kidding! No… But ok, yeah)

Well, for March 2015 I read a book with such topics. It was called 運命かもしれない恋 written by 渡海奈穂. I won’t give a way too much info, but the story revolves around two men – Kouhira fell in love with the feminine Nakui 3 times during his lifetime. Nakui now owns a curry shop that was given to him by his father-in-law of his deceased wife.


I didn’t notice anything really distinct, besides the fact that Nakui had a wife previously and falling in love with the same person multiple times.

I really enjoyed reading the descriptive passages that described the curry and how it was being eaten.

There were so many N1 vocabulary in the book – which is why people shouldn’t judge such novels. Actually the reading was a bit more challenging than some of the other books I have read. I wonder if it is because the unfamiliar writing style and use of more complex vocabulary.

For this month, in preparation for Fuji TV’s new drama 戦う!書店ガール, I will be reading 書店ガール written by 碧野圭. Y’all should get in and pick this book up ASAP. Why you ask? Because one of my favorite actors 千葉雄大 is staring in it (So is a Hey! Say! Jump! member that I do not care about oops). I placed this book on hold at the library, but I wonder when it will come in… hopefully it won’t take too long!

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